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In recent times, trends of having a property management consultant to handle residential or/and commercial properties has vastly increased and a great emphasis has been placed on the importance of facilities and / or property management, maintenance management and financial management, all of which are offered by Davita Management.

In the current property environs, there is a constant battle between the roles and services of a property manager and a facilities manager. At Davita Management we pride to enlighten our clients on the difference in roles between these two titles. A property manager is solely responsible for an individual property this might be an apartment, a villa, a bungalow, an office that is owned by one single person. A facilities manager’s role however, is more diverse and relates to management of the common facilities that are shared by a number of users within a building complex, office block and / or even a shopping Centre.

The real estate property management industry in Kenya is growing rapidly and it is crucial for Davita Management to stand out from the other players in the market. As a result, we deliver services with utmost efficiency and effectiveness with the main goal being, achieving customer satisfaction using our core values of transparency, integrity and respect. By choosing team Davita in the real estate property and / or facilities management industry, you are guaranteed to receiving the following services and much more in the property management process.

Continuous improvement of the property or the facilities is an aspect that Team Davita constantly focuses on, whether its short-term incremental changes or long-term changes that are or aren’t easily noticeable, maximum effort and commitment is put in by the team regardless of the extent of change. It is important for a property to be well maintain and constantly upgraded, which will bring in an increase in value and this is only possible by having a well thought of plan and schedule of how the property can look and feel better without impacting the owner(s) in terms of costs.

As a maintenance management consultant, ensuring the property and / or facilities remain clean and fully operational at all times is vital. Cleanliness and aesthetic appeal, a criterion that Team Davita is extremely conscious about thus creating a positive first impression to parties concerned with the property and also to the public and this is best done by keeping the environment clean amongst other approaches. Neatness creates an everlasting impression and that is an aspect Davita Management aims to maintain. Furthermore, ensuring structures and equipment of a property are repaired falls under the responsibility of Team Davita as a maintenance management consultant and take a proactive approach in terms of maintenance processes. In order for the management process to remain effective and efficient, it is important to make sure the equipment are in good working condition, in the unforeseen event there is an issue with the structure or/and machineries related with the property, Team Davita strives to make sure the lead time of repair is not stretched to an extent where customer dissatisfaction arises or to an extent where the management process is deeply affected.

The collection of timely rental collection and /or service charge as might be applicable based on the services provided, ensures that a property continues to strive for its needs and requirements as the days go by. There are situations that arise whereby the collection of payments becomes quite tricky and complex due to the lack of willingness, or other financial constraints of the residents within the property to contribute either within the required timeline or at all. This is where the role of a financial management consultant is required to ensure that any payments due is collected within the required time frame from all the units within the property by way of using any appropriate and approved collection measures. Davita Management does exactly that, in the situation monies owed are not paid accordingly, a further course of action is taken until the sum is paid. In addition, the preparations of financial reports are conducted by Team Davita as a financial management consultant of the given premises.

This report aids in obtaining a better understanding of the financial situation of the property in hand and as a result assists in decision making related to scheduling and budgeting funds with the aim of improving the property and for future purposes as well. In other words, a financial management consultant such as Team Davita conducts bookkeeping in order to ensure all financial transactions are recorded such as purchases, sales, receipts and payments made by or to the organization.

Davita Management further provides highly trained and qualified individuals to conduct various tasks that are needed to be performed in a property to ensure there is constant progress and monitoring within the complex. Usually the amount of persons stationed in a property depends on various factors such as the size of the property, the scope of work needed to be accomplished, the logistics involved, requirement of the client and an in depth analysis of manpower which is based on the equipment and facilities available on site. As a facilities management consultant, it is crucial to ensure the equipment within a property is suitable and well maintained. Attention to detail must be paid to ensure that the services delivered to the client are effective and most importantly adding value to the premises.

Circumstances arise as a property management consultant whereby there is a responsibility in aiding the residents of a property in the process of paying for bills such as electricity bills. Team Davita in such instances as a property management consultant therefore acts as an intermediate entity that helps link the residents of the property with the firm receiving the payments in order to ensure there is a fruitful understanding and communication between all parties involved in the process.

As a property management consultant, Davita management is a representative of the various stakeholders of a property and acts as a link to all concerned within the property. Team Davita therefore interacts directly with the tenants/owners of the property, taking into consideration the complaints and suggestion gathered and communicating them to the concerned persons as well as advising the necessary course of action to be taken. This is an important procedure for a property and / or facilities management consultant to undertake in a timely manner to ensure all parties are on the same platform when a matter or issue arises.

Davita management will offer you the services you deserve, through people you trust!

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