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One of the most competitive industry in Kenya is the real estate industry. There are numerous amounts of real estate agencies throughout the country that aim to satisfy the needs and wants of their customers. As a real estate consultant in Kenya, standing out from the competition around is a priority in obtaining recognition in the market as a result attracting potential customers towards choosing you ahead of the rest or at the very least considering your services and products. Real estate consulting firms in Kenya compete with each other on a daily basis however there are times when working together is best for all parties involved. A certain real estate consultant in Kenya may not have the specific property a client is looking at and as a result the client can be referred to another real estate consultant by the initial real estate consultant he/she had visited. Finding the best real estate consultant in order to meet your property needs is vital in having the best possible chances of obtaining what is desired. This is applicable to both, landlords looking to renting out/selling their properties and tenants looking at renting/purchasing properties. The important aspects to consider when identifying the ideal real estate consultant to go with are as follows.

The use of referrals prior to deciding. Referrals have a strong influence due to their experiences with the real estate consultants. They are able to accurately guide a client on the pros and cons of choosing the real estate consultant in mind. An experience is everlasting in most cases especially if it’s a negative experience, thus, real estate consultants should ensure they minimize negative experiences with clients as that can lead to a chain of consequences either directly or indirectly in the future. In the situation where a client isn’t certain of choosing which real estate consultant to choose, the use of referrals can make the process much easier.

Reliability and reputation of a real estate consulting firm is another important aspect to take into consideration. There may be situations where a certain real estate firm does not have a favorable image in the eyes of the public due to certain events that might have occurred, this can be of a hinderance to landlords and/or tenants that are looking at reaching out to a real estate consulting firm to fulfill their needs and wants. Poor reliability leads to poor reputation and negative perceptions further leading to clients not opting for your services and/or products. Maintaining a positive image acts as a magnet in pulling in prospective clients as no client wants to choose a real estate consulting firm that will cause complexities and poor/no results as time is of essence.

As a client, ambience of a real estate consulting firm is crucial in creating a sense of comfort and trust. The surroundings and staff behavior of a real estate consulting firm can either make or break a deal. It can act as an important factor on the decision making of the client on whether to choose the specific real estate consultant or opting for another option. The quality of service that a client receives should be of the highest order as first impressions have an ever-lasting effect. If a client feels comfortable with the specific real estate firm, he/she will consider choosing the company as the real estate consulting firm.

There should be level playing field for both, the real estate consulting firm and the client. A situation where a client may feel that the terms related with renting out/selling a property are unfavorable to him/her, that is enough of a reason to back out of a deal. Hence, it is necessary as a real estate consulting firm to set terms that are deemed fair and suitable for both parties, having a win-win situation should be the ideal aim. Clients will always face scenarios where they are presented with different terms from different real estate consulting firms, the final decision is obviously purely up to the client however it is unlikely that a client will choose a real estate consultant where he/she is not satisfied with the terms, this is where real estate consulting firms should aim to present terms that do not upset a client.

Having a large cliental reach is important for a real estate consulting firm in ensuring that the chances of performing better and being competitive in the market are higher. This can also aid in the decision-making process of a client on determining which real estate consulting firm to choose. No client would want to give their property to a real estate consultant with the intention of renting out/selling the unit well knowing that the real estate consulting firm has a low customer reach. The ability to advertise a clients’ property and reaching out to a large customer base is critical in securing additional clients.

Performance of a real estate consultant is another influential factor that clients can use to determine in choosing whether to opt for the specific company or opt for another real estate consulting firm. A real estate consulting firm that has a well maintained and performing portfolio is an attraction to clients as it gives them a sense of security and assurance of the chances of obtaining a tenant (in the case of a landlord) or obtaining a property that fits their specifications (in the case of a tenant). Constant building of the portfolio and consistent performance by a real estate consulting firm is decisive in the minds of a client in the search of the ideal real estate consulting firm.

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