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The main information holders in the real estate market are real estate consultants. It is crucial for both buyers and sellers in the market to be fully aware of what’s happening in the market so that both parties are satisfied during the negotiation process considering the context of the market conditions in place. Market conditions in the real estate market are constantly changing and being influenced by various factors including the current COVID 19 Pandemic. If a buyer or seller hasn’t been up to date with what has been happening in the real estate market and are interested in getting involved in a deal involving millions of shillings, it would be best to consult and get advice from a real estate consultant on various aspects such as whether the price set is fair, whether a valuation would be needed, whether the property is worth the price, whether there is another identical or better property for the same price (options available), obtaining a history of the property etc.

Real estate consultants are the driving forces in the real estate market and therefore are always up to date on the activities occurring within the market and therefore are best suited to link buyers and sellers together. Real estate consultants are there to act as a middleman and simplify the process for both parties as best as possible. Sellers tend to use real estate consultants very often when trying to expose the property to the market due to the reach real estate agencies have in the market and the various advertising methods in place. Buyers tend to reach out to real estate consultants to enquire about the properties they have seen and also to facilitate a viewing in the event the buyer is extremely interested. The real estate consultant hence acts as a messenger representing mainly one or both parties in order to obtain a common understanding and agreement. This process makes it less complex for both parties as facilitation is being handled by the real estate consultant.

In order to safeguard interest mainly in the buyer’s perspective, it is important to get a real estate consultant involved. The real estate consultant acts as a witness to the agreement in place and also aids in the facilitation of the paperwork such as the letter of offer. This formalizes the process and safeguards the interests of both parties so as to avoid any unethical outcome that may arise for either party.

An added importance of using a real estate consultant before buying a property is that you will be offered more options of properties as a result you may in fact find a property that better fits your needs and wants. In the event the negotiation process falls through, an alternative option can be derived from the listings available through the real estate consultant thus still leaving you with an option to consider as a buyer who is in a rush to obtain a property.

Real estate agents are professionals who work on your behalf and advocate for your interests. In most cases, sellers have a real estate agent working for them so you want someone on your side who has your back in negotiations and can help you understand the complex lingo in contracts. Contracts tend to have complex jargons that can make it difficult for some to understand and interpret correctly however with the help of a real estate consultant, this becomes less of a problem.

You will not pay a shilling to use an agent’s experience. Real estate agents do not work for free, it is their job. The fact is that “you” are not the one who pays them. In most cases, it is the seller who pays an agent for granting them a buyer. Then, in brief, you are offered a great deal of worthwhile information for free regarding buying a property.

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