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Nairobi being the capital city of Kenya and is a fast developing and modernized city that always strives to keep up with worldly trends.

The aspect of convenience within the city is enhanced for residents due to the increased integration between residential and commercial spaces. Residential developments in Kenya are taking a different approach, in that, many of the modern upcoming residential properties are incorporating the aspect of having commercial space within the premise. This enables the possibilities of having companies within a residential apartment so as to increase convenience for the tenants staying in the premise and increasing market reach for the companies who opt to take the opportunity to open an outlet within the residential premise. This is becoming a common trends as it benefits the commercial side as well as the residential side.

Nairobi in recent times for most residential apartment developments have adopted the concept of having amenities such as swimming pools, fully equipped gyms, boreholes, full back up generators and children’s play areas due to the importance these amenities have for most of the tenants especially the millennials and also the investors. The availability of some of these amenities if not all in residential apartments are absolutely crucial for most tenants as it adds to the convenience and fun factor of the residential apartment.

Continuous infrastructure development within Nairobi has also greatly benefited residents. The construction of new roads has been ongoing in Nairobi in various places such as Ngong, Lower Kabete, Spring Valley, Westlands etc. As a result of this, the land prices within those areas of increased in value making it more attractive for investors to develop residential properties such as apartments ensuring they get a high rate of return on their investments. With new roads being constructed, this leads to an increase in convenience and helps mitigate factors such as traffic which Nairobi is known for having quite a lot.

Currently in Nairobi there is an oversupply of properties. This oversupply of properties provides a wide range of investment opportunities to potential investors as there are a variety of properties to choose from and criterions to choose from such as price of properties, size of the properties, location of the properties and type of properties.

The more options for potential investors/tenants, the higher the chances of a potential investor/tenant obtaining a property that fits his/her interests.

There are various schools, malls, hospitals, universities spread out within Nairobi ensuring that every area is catered for to reduce complexities for the residents. Each area comes with its benefits as a result the choice of settling in a specific area is totally up to you as a tenant/home owner. The important aspect of Nairobi is that there are various ways of getting to a certain location especially through the construction of various roads, as a result the link up of various routes gives a sense of closeness of various landmarks so that you don’t feel you are out of reach from any landmark within Nairobi.

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