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Properties for Rent in Kenya

Given a decent, affordable home is an increasing challenge in the real estate market. However, The Kenyan real estate market has changed in home plans and affordability especially with a recent increase in affordable housing projects in place. To get the right property via the right means, it is important to understand where to search for a property, what type of property you are looking for, the price range that is ideal for you, the amenities you want present in the property, the sort of guidance you are looking for in decision making as well as the funding. The above are the basic stages amongst other that are crucial to critically think about and evaluate prior to settling for a particular property.

There is a contradicting trend where an oversupply of properties leads to a lower asking rental price and vice versa. The timing of obtaining a property also plays a crucial role in determining flexibility of price change, factors such as those related to the economic, political, financial aspects of a country greatly impact the state of the real estate market. We at Davita Management guide clients on all the above factors mentioned in ensuring a correct decision is made, one that you will not regret!

  • You’ll get excellent value in the property you choose for different reasons! Each of our properties satisfies a particular need or want.
  • Our properties are in Kenya’s most popular and accessible locations allowing you the lifestyle you desire.
  • Our properties are reliable and safe with emergency and safety services accessible to you 24 hours a day.
  • All our commercial and residential properties have on-site property managers who are helpful, well informed and dedicated to giving you better living experience.
  • You’ll get a house or apartment that satisfies your requirements!
  • We’re dedicated to management worth and tenant comfort.
  • Property satisfaction is key, and you are guaranteed to experience that with us!

Residential & Commercial Properties For Rent

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