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About Davita

Our Mission

To be an industry leader in Property and Facilities Management through the quality and consistency of services achieved by continuous innovation, commitment and dedication.

Our Vision

To provide customized professional services to a range of Developers, Real Estate Investors and Stakeholders within the industry and allowing them to outsource the Property and / or Facilities Management services of their properties to enable them to focus on their core activities.

Our vision is achieved through constant innovation, commitment and dedication.

Further enhanced by our core values of Transparency, Respect, and Integrity.

Every real estate Developer and / or Investor looks forward to a satisfying profit from their businesses without the trouble of having to worry about the operations of the project on completion.

At Davita Management Limited, we extend our expertise and personalized methods for maintaining your Property. Our Property and / or Facilities Management services are established on professionalism, honesty, responsibility, and quality service that brings forth the maximum returns from your investment while keeping your property at the highest standards to bring the best residents possible.

Our aim is to eliminate all the troubles constantly faced by Developers, Investors, Homeowners and / or Tenants.

Why Use A Property Management Services?

Owning a residential investment property can provide great returns over time. But it can also be stressful and time consuming due to the various aspects and level of involvement required by the Landlord be it sourcing for a new tenant, solving problems within the property from time to time. Collections of rental, payments of service charge among many other logistics involved with maintaining and managing the property.

At Davita Management we understand these problems and are well trained to handle all these matters on your behalf and ensure that you enjoy the returns of your investment without necessarily taking on board the stress that comes along with Managing of a property.

Optimize your results to get better rates

With a property manager, you’re more likely to get better rental rates, see rents increased in line with the market, and have higher occupation levels. You would also have a decreased vacancy period as the Property Management would begin sourcing for a new tenant well before the existing tenant is leaving.

Get more time to complete your desire

Maintaining the property can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. That’s why it makes sense to leave the administration and day-to-day hassles to specialists – secure in the knowledge that your property will be managed efficiently and cost-effectively.

Specialists to deal with the legislative ins and outs

Sourcing the right tenants and keep your property can be a timely and costly exercise not to mention there’s a lot of legislation and processes to get to grips with to ensure that you are safeguarded. With our services can be sure that things are being dealt with the right way by, and you as well as your investments are always shielded time and again.

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