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Facilities Management Consultancy

A Developer and / or an investor always want to ensure that they have invested in the right kind of project and that their building is sustainable at all times.

A common problem faced by the end user and / or the investor is ensuring proper maintenance and operations of a Facility post development. However, all these problems can be avoided if during the development stage basic things that affect the maintenance operations are handled in advance. This can also act as a cost saving mechanism as a well-trained Facility Manager would be able to identify elements during the construction that can be replaced with cost effective solutions that do not compromise the quality of the development but at the same time ensure effective cost savings.

As a Developer there are often certain aspects that are eliminated in the conceptualizing stage and having a dedicated Facilities Management Team on site goes a long way in ensuring that all elements that are detrimental towards a successful completed project are always looked into.

It is important to note that while a Developer always has a Clerk of works on site, there is always an aspect of completion of snags for independent units which can be accidentally left out due to the varied works being undertaken by the individual, having a Facilities Management Team is very handy as they take on board this headache and can resolve the matter for the Developer and ensure maximum client satisfaction.

This also safe guards the investor as they are always assured that when they are taking possession of their unit they are 100% satisfied with the result and will be a very happy investor.

Ultimately this is a winner for the Development as they will have repeat clientele due to the deliverance of a good project with minimal issues.

Complete Facility Care

At Davita Management Limited, we have the controlled expertise and service distribution experience these benefits to maximize the usage of your support and reducing operational costs. Apart from our experience to create synergies from the many duties we provide, combination takes place between administration levels and between us and our client’s trust.

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